Other Items


SNOW AND NEALLEY AXES: No finer axe is made! Since 1864 Snow and Nealley has been making quality axes in Bangor, Maine. From the Young Camper's belt axe (014S) to the 3 1/2# "Our Best" axe (026S), you'll find one to fit your needs.


MARCLAND: We offer Marcland controls and instruments for your maple sugaring needs including automatic draw-off systems and digital thermometers for your evaporator.

The Mempro 100H and 200H reverse osmosis machines (RO's) require 110 volts and are very user friendly.



WOODMAN'S PAL: These brush cutting tools are handcrafted in Pennsylvania with the same unchanged quality since 1941. Various sizes to choose from, excellent prices.

Sunrise Metal Shop produces quality stainless steel maple syrup equipment. Pictured here is the 19 gallon stainless steel auto draw-off tub on wheels.


Sap Puller: No releaser needed!